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Winter Items!

Our winter products are a must have during the colder time of the year.

We stock a huge range of hats, gloves, scarves & socks for men, women & kids. We also stock draught excluders, pipe wrap, hand warmers & hot water bottles to keep you warm through the season. 

We keep just about everything to deal with the icy weather, with de-icer, anti freeze, screen wash & rock salt. For when the snow arrives we stock a range of sledges & snow shovels.

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Winter Must Haves

We keep our winter products throughout the year so you can always have what you need, when you need it

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Christmas Goodies

All products are available for the run up to Christmas


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Shop Review

You wouldn't believe what they can cram into such a small space!

Lara Mellor

Shop Review

Amble's Aladdin's cave!

Maria Hayter

Staff Review

Expert advice as well.

Joan Vickers

General Review

Deb and the team have absolutely everything in this shop! And whats not on the shelf can usually be found within a few minutes out in the back! Lovely staff and always time for a craic. Couldn't do without them!

Louise Little

Shop Review

Aladdins cave always got what you need

Derek Mallen

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