In this page we will cover all aspects of DIY such as decorating, building tools, hardware & ironmongery.

Our shop has expanded the range of toys & summer & beach items we stock. We cover a great range of toy cars, army & farm vehicles & planes.

We also like to think we can help keep the little ones busy during the holidays with a variety of 'pocket money' toys. Of course we understand a family get-together can always be hyped up with a classic board game, luckily we stock an excellent range of them too.
When we finally get our sunny & warm summer, we are prepared with a choice of outdoor games and sports accessories. We offer a massive range of footballs, a selection of rackets for tennis & badminton, cricket sets & skittles.
With being located next to the coast, we stock all the beach necessities such as buckets, spades, kites, water guns, picnic mats, chairs, windbreaks, flip flops, beach shoes, sun hats, wet suits & much more!

Toys & Board Games

Sports Accessories

Beach Items

BBQ Items

Lumpwood Charcoal

Easy to light, high quality charcoal which burns with a good flame and has high heat output.

Charcoal Briquettes

Made from premium quality lumpwood fines, pressed & moulded into briquettes. Burning longer than lumpwood charcoal, making it a suitable economical alternative.

Instant Light Charcoal

Easy barbecuing with instant light charcoal. Just light the bag & let it burn. No need for firelighters or lighter fluid.

Disposable BBQs

Ideal for picnics, camping, fishing & garden use. Has everything you will need in one pack. Lights with a match and is ready to cook in 15 minutes.

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